Video Transcription:

Hello. I'm just going to do a really quick video. We had been talking about search on the Base Camp thread. I thought I'd show you what's going on with it right now. You can see at the top of the screen, there's a search option, which on any of the category pages shows up there as well. Let's go back to the home. We can type anything in for a search term and click on search. It'll go and get results, and we can get to the item detail page. Now there's also an icon for a camera, which can go ahead and do barcode scanning. As soon as it recognizes a bar code, it goes ahead and takes you to the item detail page, or it can do QR code scanning. Both of those were taken to this big green egg item, just the item that I chose to make barcodes for. Again, as soon as it recognizes, it takes it straight to the item detail page.

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