brsupplyincBR Supply Inc

BR Supply, Inc. is a distributor of plumbing, electrical, HVAC, janitorial, cabinets, and office supplies with eleven locations in West Tennessee.

BR Supply takes great advantage of the attribute system in SimpleWeb E-Commerce. They use attributes to define the multiple images for most of their products with some images having more than 20 images. The attributes are also used to filter their items in the category structure.

Using user defined field in Prophet 21, BR Supply can control the search results on their website. By creating a custom search sorting algorithm that looks at their Prophet 21 data and ranks the items that should be higher in the search results. This gives BR Supply control over what items show up at the top of the search results page from within P21.

Some of the items that BR Supply sells can only be sold to licensed resellers, but they also need to be on the website. Using inventory and customer classes BR Supply can define which items are restricted and what customers can purchase them while showing the product listing to everyone.

Many of the items that BR Supply sells have price breaks for larger quantities. Using the Prophet 21 pricing libraries BR Supply can display those items with the price breaks and even show what the lowest price can be.

Shortly before the BR Supply site was launched, they realized that some of the items that wanted to show online could not be sold to everyone. Certain items they carry can only be sold to customers who have EPA certification, but they still wanted to show those items online. Using a series of item classes to identify the items and customer classes to make sure the customer has an EPA certification we created a system that allows everyone to see the item that needs EPA certification, but only allow customers with EPA certification online to add those items to their cart.


1325 Howard Ave #146
Burlingame, CA 94010

Phone: (650) 394-7675
Fax: (650) 735-3685
Email: [email protected]

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