SimpleWeb Analytics

SimpleWeb Analytics is based on the Open Web Analytics (OWA) open source project. By using OWA and SimpleWeb E-Commerce site can track the users on its sites and learn what pages are most viewed and what paths are taken most often, but it doesn't stop there. Because the OWA database is on the same servers as SimpleWeb E-Commerce and SimpleWeb Marketing, this data can be shared in near real-time between these applications and Prophet 21 as well.

 SimpleWeb Analytics (SWA) may be the most mundane application on the SimpleWeb Platform, but it is the glue that makes everything work in a way that most companies have not been able to before. Each visit to a SimpleWeb E-Commerce is stored in the SWA database. The system as a whole can then look at those visits and trigger actions based on the data.

SimpleWeb Analytics knows what user visits which page and with what user is on the page it also know what Prophet 21 customer that user is associated with. When a user visits an item detail page or searches for a specific keyword the sales rep for that customer can be informed that the customer has an interest in a certain product of keyword.

Since the analytics database is within the SimpleWeb Platform, there are certain pieces of data that you will not be able to get from other services like Google Analytics, specifically the IP address of every page visit. This gives insight into where a user is using the website from and might help identify other users from the same company as well.

We work with companies that run Epicor Prophet 21 to find new ways to get information out of the P21 ERP and to their customers. Closing this information gap helps our clients work more closely with their customers to solve the issues that slow down the workflow. We often start with E-Commerce Website integration and a Native Mobile App to get information distributed as fast as possible and to where it needs to be. After that, we work with our clients to find the best open source software or to build custom software solutions that solve the real business challenges that they face working with their customers.

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