SimpleWeb E-Commerce

SimpleWeb E-Commerce is a complete e-commerce system that integrates with Epicor Prophet 21. Using open source software and cloud computing technologies SimpleWeb E-Commerce provides an exceptional experience for both you and your customer.

SimpleWeb Mobile

SimpleWeb Mobile creates a native e-commerce experience on both iOS and Andriod. This is not a hybrid app, an HTML5 app or mobile responsive design, this is a native app for both iOS and Andriod that allows users to interact with SimpleWeb E-Commerce through the SimpleApps API.

SimpleWeb Marketing

SimpleWeb Marketing is a marketing automation solution based on open source software that allows you to create sales funnels that are unique for your customers. with SimpleWeb Marketing you can find the customers you want to target and send emails or social media messages direct to them about the topic you already know they are interested in.

SimpleWeb Analytics

SimpleWeb Analytics is based on the Open Web Analytics (OWA) open source project. By using OWA and SimpleWeb E-Commerce site can track the users on its sites and learn what pages are most viewed and what paths are taken most often, but it doesn't stop there. Because the OWA database is on the same servers as SimpleWeb E-Commerce and SimpleWeb Marketing, this data can be shared in near real-time between these applications and Prophet 21 as well.

SimpleWeb Live Chat

Live chat is one of the ways that you can create a more personal experience for your customers and with SimpleWeb Live Chat (SWC) you can have a fully customizable experience on your side as well. SWC uses open source software to create and save the chat sessions with your customers.

SimpleApps API for Prophet 21

The SimpleApps API for Prophet 21 (The API) was created to support the SimpleWeb E-Commerce sites. Since its original conception, it has become so much more. The API can be used to access data from Prophet 21 on any platform or device allowing developers to create websites, web portals, applications or mobile apps that support Prophet 21 in new ways and the API is growing every day.


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