Where SimpleApps started from

Before working with companies that used Prophet 21, we were a network consulting firm specializing in accounting and law firms in the San Francisco Bay Area. We helped these companies with everything from installing and maintaining servers to troubleshooting printers and fax machines.

In 2000, SimpleApps started working with a company that was implementing Prophet 21. At the time we helped install new servers and workstations so that the firm could go live with Commerce Center 7.5. 

In summer of 2003, we were contracted to help another company implementing Prophet 21, this time we did all the technology and the data conversion as well. The data conversion for this project was completed in one month, working 11 hours a day and six days a week to meet the deadline that was in place. This data conversation took a home-grown MS Access database into Prophet 21, and the over 5 million dollar inventory was off by less than $0.32.

In 2008, the first Prophet 21 customer we had decided that they wanted to start an e-commerce website. They chose to move forward with B2B Seller. They continued to use B2B seller though the three-year contract they had signed and towards the summer of 2011 that company signed up as the first customer for SimplPhilosophy

The SimpleApps Philosophy

SimpleWeb E-Commerce was designed to fill in the gaps in technology and experience that many businesses who run Prophet 21 experience when trying to create an integrated e-commerce website. Many tasks appear more complicated than they truly are and with some simple guidance anyone can run a beautiful e-commerce website that interfaces with Prophet 21.

One of our primary directives is to keep as many data in Prophet 21 as possible. You already use Prophet 21 to run your business; you don't want another place to maintain your website too. If there is a way to use information in Prophet 21, like item categories, then the data should come from Prophet 21, and that's how we want to do it. Sometimes there isn't a place to put the data into Prophet 21, or you need more space for the information you want to show on the website. When this happens, we work with our clients to find out what they want the process to be and store that data in the databases the site can access directly.


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