SimpleWeb E-Commerce

SimpleWeb E-Commerce is a complete e-commerce platform that integrates with Epicor Prophet 21. Using open source software and cloud computing technologies our platform provides an exceptional experience for both you and your customer.

SimpleWeb E-Commerce gives you unparalleled control over the entire e-commerce experience. From the fully customizable template and built-in mobile responsive design to the workflow of the site, you can create an exceptional experience that your users want and make sure that it matches the same faithful real-world experiences they have with you every day.

SimpleWeb E-Commerce is based on the tried-and-true open-source CMS Joomla and runs on Amazon Web Services, the industry leader in hosted cloud services. This gives you a whole open-source community to help build and extend your site and all the power of Amazon to run it. Joomla comes with built-in SEO management features, user management, content management, and many other features to help you maintain the core of the website.

The components, modules, and plugins that makeup SimpleWeb E-Commerce have been continuously improving since 2011, adding unique new features that come straight from our client's business needs while moving forward with new technologies, like React, that empower our clients and their customers.

Epicor Prophet 21 E-Commerce is a complex project that requires a full team effort from your company and the integration partner that you choose. Many decisions need to be made about how the ERP system will work with the website integration to provide the features that your customers expect. With many years of experience in both Prophet 21 System administration and e-commerce websites, the team at SimpleApps is ready to help you with your B2B and B2C integration.

SimpleWeb E-Commerce is a mature solution that gives your customers access to information like order status, invoice history, customer account information, customer-based pricing, inventory levels, saved shopping carts and much more. Because the system uses our own custom API for Prophet 21, the mobile app can show the same data as the website.

Our Prophet 21 integration was created specifically for the Prophet 21 ERP system and we do not work with any other ERP systems. By focusing only on Epicor P21 system, we can provide a more tightly integrated e-commerce platform than many other system integrators. Since we only support the P21 ERP, all of the features are designed for e-commerce for distributors and we can design the site to work with your existing business processes.

For more information about SimpleWeb E-Commerce can help you with your Prophet 21 integrated e-commerce site, please schedule a demo.

We work with companies that run Epicor Prophet 21 to find new ways to get information out of the P21 ERP and to their customers. Closing this information gap helps our clients work more closely with their customers to solve the issues that slow down the workflow. We often start with E-Commerce Website integration and a Native Mobile App to get information distributed as fast as possible and to where it needs to be. After that, we work with our clients to find the best open source software or to build custom software solutions that solve the real business challenges that they face working with their customers.

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