SimpleWeb Marketing

SimpleWeb Marketing is a marketing automation solution based on open source software that allows you to create sales funnels that are unique for your customers. with SimpleWeb Marketing you can find the customers you want to target and send emails or social media messages direct to them about the topic you already know they are interested in.

SimpleWeb Marketing (SWM) uses Mautic, the first open source marketing automation software, to give you the power of Marketing Automation with integration into Prophet 21.

But what is marketing Automation and why do I need it? Marketing automation lets you keep a list of known and unknown prospect and customer, segment them by behavior and give them customized information based on their interests. A well-designed marketing automation system can help you discover the prospects who are interested in buying now, but just want more information first or find your existing customers who are ready to expand what they purchase from you.

Either way, you can find the people who are more profitable to you by giving them the information they want and automatically sending them offers based on their interests.

With integration into Prophet 21, you can look at the data your already have in Prophet 21 to help find customers that would be interested in a new product or service based on previous purchases. Or run a lost customer re-activation campaign by looking for good customers who have stopped buying from you.

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