Video Transcription:

All right. We're going to do a quick overview of the Tarantina> App. This app's still in beta so there are a few things that we still need to get finished up but it's coming along nicely and it's pretty well mostly done. You can see that we've got the categories here that are based on Prophet 21 categories. We can go ahead and drill down and give them the items and add an item to the cart and that screen actually goes away on its own. From this page, we can also do a search which uses the website search so the items actually come up in the same order that they would come up on the website and we can also add items to the cart from there.

From that same screen, we can click on a little camera icon and we can do bar code scanning which pulls up items, the item detail page straight up for the bar code and go ahead and add that to the cart. Previously in other videos, we've shown off some of the location information so you can see that the location data is there. If we tap on it we can get driving directions and what not. There's also the ability to tap on the little phone and initiate a phone call. There's the account page, which I'm currently logged into my test account but that gives us the ability to look through order history and see order details, and to be able to go into an item and go ahead and add it to the cart from an order, for a past order, that is. The same from invoice history, that we would be able to go through and look at the items that were invoiced on that particular order.

Let's go ahead and actually take a look at the cart. You can see the items that we've added to the cart. If we wanted to we could go ahead and delete an item out of the cart. Sometimes we have to pull down for a refresh to see those items come in and out of the cart properly. One nice thing about what this is is that if we actually go over to the website we can see those same items are actually in the shopping cart on the website. If we delete an item out of the cart ... Actually, I'm going to go ahead and delete all of the items out of the cart from the app. When we look at the shopping cart on the website there are no longer any items on there.

That's the basics of the IOS app but what we also have is the Android app working as well. Here's the Tarantin app on an Android handset. You can see that we can go and get into the same category structure that we had before. We've got to add the items to the cart. We've got the same location information. If we go back we can do the same bar code scanning, and the search works the same as well. We've got the same order information that we had, all of this coming up from the same API so it's presenting the data and this is actually the same core code that's running on both the IOS and Android app. You can see all the items that I've just added there.

If we go ahead and add the screen back in for the IOS you can see that those items are there. If I were to delete an item out of the Android app, when I refresh the IOS it's gone as well as if I delete an item out of the IOS app. It's also gone from the Android app. Finally looking at the shopping cart, we can see on the website that the one item that's in the shopping cart on both of the apps is also in the shopping cart on the website itself.

Pretty much though the last few pages that we have to do center around the checkout screens to pull the information that we need for the particular users and push that into the API. That's already been tested and developed on another app and we just need to design the screens for Tarantin. Then we'll go ahead and finish up the, cleaning up some of the screens to make sure that they look the same, both on IOS and Android and they look good in general. That's the update on the Tarantin app. Hopefully, you can get some ideas of what you might want to do on an app as well.

We work with companies that run Epicor Prophet 21 to find new ways to get information out of the P21 ERP and to their customers. Closing this information gap helps our clients work more closely with their customers to solve the issues that slow down the workflow. We often start with E-Commerce Website integration and a Native Mobile App to get information distributed as fast as possible and to where it needs to be. After that, we work with our clients to find the best open source software or to build custom software solutions that solve the real business challenges that they face working with their customers.

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