SimpleWeb For Prophet 21

SimpleWeb is an eCommerce platform designed from the ground up specifically to integrate into Epicor Prophet 21 using open source software and cloud services to create an eCommerce experience that focuses on your needs as well as your customers.

Based around the Joomla! content management system, SimpleWeb allows anyone in your organization to mange your website without knowing HTML or how to FTP files to a server. Changing the look and feel of your site can be done by any graphic designer, and adding functionality to SimpleWeb can be accomplished with thousands of Joomla Extensions.

SimpleAPI for Prophet 21

The SimpleAPI allows other developers to create applications that connect into Prophet 21 using the speed and security of the SimpleApps servers.

SimpleWeb is already using the eCommerce API, and iOS and Andriod apps are planning to use the eCommerce API as well.

For more information about SimpleAPI for Prophet 21 email