SimpleWeb Overview

SimpleWeb is a Cloud-Based eCommerce platform built on open source applications to securely connect Prophet 21® distribution software to the Internet for online sales. SimpleWeb uses Joomla! as the core of the websites to ensure a flexible, configurable yet consistent experience for all hosted eCommerce websites. The entire system is built to allow each website to be fully customized and even to add additional software to the site without needing to interact with SimpleWeb staff.

How is SimpleWeb different

While talking to people about hosting eCommerce websites that were fully integrated into Prophet 21® we kept coming across the same few themes. We designed SimpleWeb to solve the problems that we saw people having with all Prophet 21® eCommerce sites and to create an experience that both they and their customers could enjoy.

Full Integration with Prophet 21

SimpleWeb knows how to read directly from your Prophet 21 database and create import file to get information back into Prophet 21. Since we query directly to your database we can automatically add new items within minutes, and we can show your customer the same price for each item that you would get from the Prophet 21 Order Entry screen. We have options for real-time inventory for multiple locations and views for all of your customers' orders and invoices. 

If you want to give your customers access to their specific information directly from prophet 21, SimpleWeb can do that for you.

You're in Control

The biggest thing we heard from almost everyone we talked to about Prophet 21@ websites was that they wanted control of their own websites. They wanted to be able to change content and add functionality without long wait times and extra expense. This was a major reason we chose Joomla! as the content mangement system that SimpleWeb is based on. This also gives you more control over the features your website has.


Many of the people we talked to about their Prophet 21® eCommerce sites mentioned that speed was an issue for them. When we chose the technologies behind SimpleWeb we chose them with speed and scalability in mind. That is why we choose to use Amazon Web Services to host the SimpleWeb servers.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows us to add and remove servers based on load so that we have exactly how many servers we need for the load of all of the websites on SimpleWeb. AWS also lets us create a separate Virtual Cloud so that none of the traffic between the SimpleWeb servers is on the public AWS infrastructure.

We also recommend CloudFlare for even more speed and security for any website. 

Breaking out of the cookie cutter mold

Making your site look different from any other site on the internet is important for your own branding purposes. Joomla!'s template system allows you to create the look and feel of your site, and the only limits are those of your design team. You aren't limited by the structure of how SimpleWeb wants you to layout your site; the only limitations are on how creative your design team is in building your template.

You can also add more functionality to your site using Joomla Extensions without any support from SimpleWeb staff, allowing you to customize your site to look, feel, and act exactly how you want it.

Checkout our Sites that use SimpleWeb page for examples of what other Prophet 21 users have done with Joomla and SimpleWeb.


We designed SimpleWeb with security in mind. Every step of the way we are looking out for ways that potential attackers could take advantage of the system and we are designing ways to keep them out.

Using Amazon Virtual Private Cloud services we have fine tuned control over who has access to every server on SimpleWeb. If there is no reason for access to a server it is denied.

Data is held in multiple databases with the least possible amount of information stored in the Joomla database.

With the integration of Element Payment Services we do not need to worry about PCI DSS/PA-DSS certification as Element handles all of that for us in the same way that they handle this for the Prophet 21® application. What that really means is your customer's credit card data is never on SimpleWeb or in Prophet 21. It is all hosted on Element's secure servers.


We could go on and on about how great we think our product is, but it is always better to hear what active users think. Our customer testimonial page has several videos from our customers telling you why they choose SimpleWeb.