React Native

React Native is a set of tool, including React, which are using to create native mobile apps. Using React, Javascript, and technologies that are similar to HTML and CSS React Native allows developers to create ambitious native mobile apps for both iOS and Android with relative ease.

React Native is an offshoot of the React library initially developed by Facebook. Its use of Node.js and the state-of-the-art JavaScript features allow it to be at the forefront of app development while keeping the technologies similar to the ones used to create the user interfaces on many prominent websites. Developers who understand the concepts of using React on a web front-end will be able to take that expertise and easily integrate it into the skills needed to make compelling cross-platform apps.

SimpleWeb Mobile uses React Native to integrate our API into our mobile apps. The use of React on the front end of the SimpleWeb E-Commerce sites and React Native on the mobile apps create a calculated situation where development in one product smoothly flows into and enhances all of our products.

You can find out more about how we use React Native in our mobile news section.


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